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On June 14, the Whiskey Creek Civic Association will hold a special community meeting at the Fort Myers Congregational United Church of Christ, 8210 College Parkway, beginning at 7 p.m. 

The purpose of the meeting will be to outline how the deed restriction revitalization process will work. We are leading this effort based on an indication of strong support from the community.  Please know that each of the 15 units within Whiskey Creek will decide its own set of deed restrictions. Our role is to facilitate the process for the units and pay the legal expenses incurred.


Whiskey Creek-specific
County Code


Development Standards and Regulations (March 2015)

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Welcome to the Official* Whiskey Creek Neighborhood Web Site, brought to you by the Whiskey Creek Civic Association. This site expands on our newsletter and gives our residents and neighbors updates on the latest happenings in and around Whiskey Creek and the Fort Myers area.



Yard of the Month

Spring, life is full of color which is what gives it beauty. Lucien Dimeo cultivates beauty in both the flowers in his yard and in growing minds at Tanglewood Elementary. There he is known as “grandpa” to the 2nd graders needing extra guidance, instruction. Lucien, May’s YOM and now a 2-time winner, is an example for us all in cultivating the beauty of our neighborhood. 

Is your neighbor's yard “show ready”? Send me a picture to whiskeycreek.yard@yahoo.com

Video Introduction to Whiskey Creek, Fort Myers, Florida


The Whiskey Creek Civic Association works hard on many issues that directly involve us all and we need help from everyone. If you haven't joined the Association, please do it now. Your commitment is needed to keep our community special. (Join Now!)

Whiskey Creek  is a wonderful place to live and with the help of all of our residents, we can make it even better. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the neighborhood or would like to serve on the Board of Directors or a Committee, please contact a Board member.



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*please note - www.whiskeycreeknews.net is the only official website for our community. There are several websites using the same name, but they are in no way associated with the Civic Association.

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