Downey Woodpecker


Downy Woodpeckers are smaller versions of the Pileated Woodpecker of which you’ve seen “Woody Woodpecker” of cartoon fame. The Downy has an effective chisel-like bill when in search of insect larvae prey. In fact, due to their size they can reach where their larger cousins cannot. They’re more apt to open woodlands, particularly among deciduous trees, and brushy or weedy edges. The Downy Woodpecker appear checker black and white with a boldly striped head and broad white strip down the center of its back., The males have a small red patch on the back of its head. The tail feathers are typically white and few black spots. Of all species of Woodpeckers, the Downy are of a more acrobatically attentive in flight with their rise and falling style. In spring and summer, the Downy Woodpecker makes a lot of noise, both with their shrill call and drumming on trees to attract a mate. The Downy Woodpecker life span is 10+ years with the oldest banded surviving for about 12 years. 
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