Great White Heron

Great White Egret rank among our most conspicuous and beautiful birds. The Great White Egret is extremely similar to the Great White Heron however, the Egret is a bit smaller in size with black legs. The Heron is larger in stature, less “bright’ with thicker bill and possess pale grayish yellow legs. Great egrets are 3 feet long from bill to tail, and slightly over three feet tall. They have a wingspan of almost 5 feet, and weigh only about 2-2.5 lbs. The life expectancy of the Egret is around 15 years however, known Egrets is captivity have reached upwards to 22 years! The Great White Egret are wading birds that with their long legs, are suited perfectly for shoreline hunting. With their long legs, they’re suited for shallow water (fresh and salt) hunting of fish, frogs and other small aquatic animals. They typically stand extremely still and watch, waiting, for unsuspecting prey to pass by. With Startling speed the egrets strike with a jab of their long neck and bill sometimes spearing their prey!