The tricolored heron is among the most lively of the active hunters. The Tricolored heron uses a technique known as canopy feeding to elude their prey. The strategy behind canopy feeding entails shading the water with their outstretched wings hoping small fish will seek refuge from the sun and swim into the shade they provide. When a fish is in sight they strikes! This creative approach to catching fish becomes a dance performed in rhythmic circular patterns. The dance is quite graceful and from what I can tell unique to the tricolored heron. 

Another one of the more compelling aspects of the tricolored heron is their natural ability to change colors for mating season. The beak and legs of this bird remain yellow for the majority of the year until some time in early spring when their beak takes on a stunning almost iridescent blue hue with a  back tip and their legs become a rich pink tone.

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