The FEDERALLY THREATENED Wood Stork is a large long legged bird with white feathers but the primary and tail feathers are black. The head and upper neck of the adult wood storks have no feathers but have rough gray scaly skin. The rough scaling skin is remnants of previous moltings giving them their “distighished” appearance where as the juvenile beak and head are more smooth and yellow in appearance than gray to black. Adult wood storks are voiceless and are only capable of making hissing sounds. These prehistoric looking stork is the only species of stork that breeds in the United States. and are very social in their nesting habits sometimes in colonies of 100-150 nests. The Wood Storks feed on fish, crayfish, amphibians and reptiles. Their hunting technique is unique as they move their partially open bill through the water, snapping up prey that comes in contact with its bill. They possess a degree of longevity with the record being 22 1/2 years!